Apparently I am not yet disciplined enough to write when the weather outside is sunny and hot. Which is odd because I have always considered myself more of a winter person. I must start thinking of my self as multi-seasonal for each season has its own pleasures.

I recently connected with author Scott Berkun on twitter (@berkun) and after checking me out Scott said he would be interested in reading a blog post comparing the crafts of carpentry and programming. Craft was Scott’s choice of wording not mine. I am still on the fence about software craftmanship due to the fact that I see software more like literature than like carpentry or other ‘crafts’. I have to agree that this is a worthy subject to explore though it might have extend to 2 or 3 posts as carpentry is only part of what I was when I started programming. Being an electrician taught me that you should know the rules, and not follow the rules at your own peril (I still own the side cutters with three deep notches). As an industrial mechanic I learned the importance of a clean workspace to keep the job going smoothly, and, as a chef, that every day is different and you need to allow for that.

So I hope to have something for you in the next few weeks. Keep checking that RSS feed.


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