Hail to More Enjoyment

My brother-in-law, or as he would say mon beau frère, Marc Faubert has launched a web site, More Enjoyment, celebrating food and drink. You can follow him on Facebook, or check out his web site. My kids and I love to go visit because Marc not only really loves to cook, he also loves to show others how to cook to. Both my kids are picking up some great kitchen skills. The following is from the about page of the More Enjoyment web site:

At More Enjoyment we live for food and drink. There is nothing more pleasant than to bring together family and friends around a good meal and let the great conversations flow.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, an amateur cook, or lack any cooking skills at all, More Enjoyment can teach you new skills or fresh new twists allowing you to get ‘More Enjoyment’ out of your social gatherings.

We offer cooking tips, full length cooking videos, cookbook and kitchen tool reviews, and cooking and wine appreciation workshops right here in our kitchen. If you’re not lucky enough to live in our immediate area, we also offer online courses.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Hoping to bring More Enjoyment to your life!

Marc A. Faubert

If you have any interest in food and drink, check out the site, and if you don’t perhaps Marc’s enthusiasm will spark an interest in you.


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