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New set of Posts

I am starting a new set of posts on my blog. In the past, when I found a blog post or article that I found interesting I would email it various colleagues. When I am catching up on my feeds this could result in three or four emails in an hour or so. Not everyone appreciated the ‘blast’ of emails.

It was suggested to me by a forthright and respected colleague that I should accumulate these and send a single email, once a week. She does this Friday mornings. Great idea! So I started a new ‘book’ on Springpad called “Things to share”. The problem is I haven’t shared any of those clippings.

Talking with my esteemed colleague recently as she started setting up her blog, she suggested that I use my blog to share the articles that I found interesting. Another great idea! This will particularly help with establishing a rhythm to my posts and give me the necessary practice in writing so that you get to see quality material.

Please stay tuned as the first post will be up shortly.


Belated One Year Anniversary

I just realized that this blog is now more than a year old. My first post went up on January 6th, 2011. In that year I posted 21 times and have close to 1200 views. My most popular post, by nearly 50% more views than second place, was Causality. In second place was The Importance of Dialogue. Those two posts were on topics very close to my heart and that appears to reflect in their popularity. I will have to keep that in mind.

I wasn’t particularly good at keeping a regular stream of posts going. April, May and June were my biggest months due to being the months in which I was most consistent about posting. In May I posted 5 times and 4 in each of April and June. The remaining months only saw 1 or 2 posts.

To those who have been following me for the year, thank you. And to those following me into a new year, thank you too.



In my original post I stated that I wanted to use this site to stimulate dialogue. Unfortunately I have not had a lot of commenters. That was until my post on “The Importance of Dialogue”. My sister shared my post on the Facebook page for her online magazine, Silver and Grace, and I suddenly had a bunch of commenters. The Silver & Grace experience is that  commenters prefer to use Facebook as their interaction medium. They will go read a post elsewhere then comment on it in Facebook.
So to facilitate conversation I have created a Facebook page. If this works for you, please like my Facebook page and watch my wall for new posts and, hopefully, comments too.

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