Scott Berkun on Creativity

Scott Berkun, an author I greatly admire, posted a video where he talks about creativity and some ‘hacks’ to help you with creativity. This isn’t a “follow these steps and you will be creative” talk. Scott starts out by making the point, creativity is hard.

Scott begins by describing his view of creativity. He sees it as the combination of existing ideas. So there are no new ideas, only new ways of combining previous ideas to create something new. This is a view that I support. I certainly believe that we are the sum of everything we have done in our past though not in a deterministic way. It is non-deterministic in that we always have a choice and that our choices determine who we are.

After giving his view of creativity, Scott describes the three things that influence it, inhibition, environment and persistence. I think Scott has done a great job of distilling all the possible influences to these three items. I was unable to think of anything that couldn’t be categorized using the above.

And finally, Scott describes five hacks which help build creativity in different ways. I won’t give it all away and a summary would be, don’t trust your memory and change things up.

Check out the video as it is an hour well spent. If you don’t agree be sure to let me know and be creative about it.

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