Whatever I write won’t describe who I am however I will give you lots of details about the influences in my life.

To start I was born and raised outside of Toronto, Canada. I have lived in both Vancouver, Canada, and Lelystad, The Netherlands. My family tree on the Irish side, the Fayles, goes back to almost 1066 and we have a family coat of arms prepared by the College of Arms in the UK. Sense of humour is apparently hereditary because our family motto is “Deo favente, non deficium” which can be roughly translated as “God favouring, don’t fail”.

I have built components for satellite multiplexers, operated and repaired roller coasters and other amusement rides, framed, wired, and drywalled houses. I am highly proficient with an axe, a sledge and wedges, and a chainsaw and the only people who complain about my cooking are my children. I also have a sewing machine and I am not afraid to use it.

I have a Bachelor of Honours, double major of Computer Studies and Philosophy. I have always thought about getting another degree and the thought of giving up either money or free time has deterred me.


5 Comments to “About”

  1. Robert I don’t know any men who use sewing machines and repair roller coasters. It sounds like you have a varied and interesting life. My husband grew up on a sheep farm here in New Zealand and he is proficient at using chainsaws and cooking (although not cleaning). I have visited Canada – one January many years ago in Edmonton. As I grew up in Sydney Australia, it was the first time I had ever seen snow – and boy was it deep and cold. Good luck with your blog. Best wishes for Christmas and 2012. Helen

  2. With God’s Help I will not fail . . that is a typical Fayle joke. . . imagine my horror when my wife (at that time my girlfriend said – ah yes that’s the absolute ablotive case . . . I knew then I was going to keep my brain working and wait her out in to old age)

    • Latin wasn’t offered at any school I attended so I had to look “absolute ablative” up. Someone who recognizes that will definitely keep you on your mental toes.

  3. Hi Rob! I wanted to give my condolences. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your father + mother. Please know that Jeff + I are thinking about you, Liz + Sandy out here on the West Coast. With love + sympathy – Shelli + Jeff

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