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Digging into MAS 90 and 200

So I am going to be taking a new direction for some of my blog posts. This new direction with be into the depths of MAS 90 and 200. Don’t panic if you like my posts up to now, I will continue to post my thoughts on all manner of things and I will be sharing my learnings as I dive into the technical side of MAS 90 and 200.

For those of you not familiar with MAS 90 and 200, it is the Sage enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for small and medium sized businesses. The reason I am involved with MAS 90 and 200 is because it runs on ProvideX, which is the development environment that I have been helping produce for the the last 11 years. In October 2010 we realigned our ProvideX business, turning the sales and support of all external Sage customers of ProvideX over to PVX Plus Technologies. This allows those of us on the ProvideX side of the business to really focus our efforts on making MAS 90 and 200 an even better product than it already is.

So I have been dabbling with MAS 90 and 200 for 11 years now. I know enough to be dangerous and knowing more will help me provide better input when we discuss the future to the product. The posts will be fairly technical in nature about such things as the object oriented business framework, the plug-in for Eclipse, and other things that mostly developers will be interested in. I hope that my posts will help those with more years of experience with MAS 90 and 200 find things that they didn’t know and also assist those new to MAS 90 and 200. Please provide feedback when I go awry and about topics that you would like an in depth analysis of.

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