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I recently discovered Kickstarter when the author Scott Berkun was looking to self-publish his book Mindfire. I contributed to his project and find it very cool that my name appears in the book in the acknowledgments. If you haven’t read Mindfire yet, I recommend you do so. I found the essays to be, for the most part, very thought provoking. If an essay in Mindfire didn’t interest me, it wasn’t due to the writing but more due to my interest in the topic.
In the same vein, Grady Booch recently joined Twitter and one of his early tweets was about a new Kickstarter project that he is looking to get funded. The idea of the project is to tell the stories of the founders of computing. This is a very cool project, and I have pledged money to this project. Because I was an early adopter I get to display a Grady Booch booblehead widget on my blog.

Kickstarter is a very interesting idea. To use Kickstarter, all you need is an idea. Post your idea with an goal amount to make that goal become a reality. If your project fails to attract sufficient money then no one loses, except you 😦  So check out Kickstarter, fund a project, buy Scott’s book, and help Grady tell the stories that should be told.

Late addition: Unfortunately only Americans can create Kickstarter projects. The rest of the world can fund those projects but only US residents can start projects. Hopefully they start expanding this to the rest of the world.

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